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We appreciate that you have volunteered to coach a team this season.  Our programs wouldn't exist without each of you donating your time.

Each year, for the protection of the children in our various programs and our SYAG families, every volunteer in the SYAG organization must undergo a background check.  SYAG has partnered with Verified Volunteers to perform our background checks. Verified Volunteers offers volunteer screening services to nonprofits and volunteer programs across the country. It provides a secure online volunteer screening platform that allows you, the volunteer, to enter and control your information when ordering a background check. Verified Volunteers is one of the leading background check services, with clients including the NCAA, Girl Scouts of America, Special Olympics, American Youth Soccer Organization, and POP Warner Sports.

Every SYAG volunteer, including board members, commissioners, directors and coaches, are required to undergo a background check each season at SYAG’s expense. To perform your background check, please visit the URL below, which will bring you to the Verified Volunteers website. Your information remains secure with Verified Volunteers, and is not transferred back to SYAG.  SYAG does not receive any of the information contained in your individual report.  We only receive a pass/fail status based on the criteria below.

Please contact the SYAG Executive Secretary [email protected] if you have any questions. For additional information, you can also visit . Please note that while consumer background checks are subject to regulation by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), our background checks DO NOT INVOLVE A CREDIT CHECK.

A person shall be disqualified from serving as a volunteer if said person:

  1. Fails to consent to a personal background check.
  2. Has been convicted of a crime of child abuse, sexual assault, child neglect, murder, voluntary manslaughter, felony assault, indecent exposure, public lewdness, terrorist threat, any offense of a minor, kidnapping, or felony violations of the Controlled Substances Act (including crimes whereby a plea of “No Contest” was entered.) 
  3.  Has been convicted of misdemeanor assault two or more times.

To perform your background check, visit:

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